Thursday, March 07, 2013

Project Life Update - Weeks 4 - 6

Well the sun has finally come out so I have been able to get some decent photos of my Project Life Pages that I completed last week!
Slowly but surely getting there in keeping up todate! 

Week 4
 Not a good week!
Attended a funeral of a good friend who's husband was tragically killed in a car accident - very sad and very hard to attend!
 Cyclone Oswald's effects of hitting the South East -
Flooding and crazy amount of rain that fell here on the coast in the past 2-3 days!
 Photos from off FaceBook and the Internet of the flooding areound the area!

Week 5
 The aftermarth of the Flooding and tidying up!
 A night away at the Gold Coast.

Week 6
Loving adding my 6x6 Instagram Photos to my Project Life Album.
Lots of Happy Mail arrived for me this week!

Hope youare keeping up to date with your Project Life??

Thanks...Jules x


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