Friday, December 14, 2012

December Daily - Day One to Day Ten

As mentioned in one of my previous posts, I am doing December Daily this year for the first time and I must admit that so far I am enjoying it and sort of staying up to date with it all!
So I am certainly no Ali Edwards as my style is soo traditional, with lots of embellisments, papers and stickers for my titles. But must admit I am loving using up some of those lettering stickers that I have had for years!
I have also managed to have photos for each day, so far, even though some days I
 have been at work and nothing has really happened! I do have a few fillers up my sleeve also!
Coming from a house with no kids and animals, I thought I would struggle a bit but fingers crossed, it all falls into place!
Day One
Day Two

Day Three
Day Four 
Day Five
Day Six
Day Seven
Day Eight
Day Nine

Day Ten
Thanks for stopping by, if you are also doing December Daily I would love to see how your's is coming along and how different it looks to mine, so leave a comment with a link to your blog so I can pop in and say Hi!
Thanks...Jules xx




Thursday, December 13, 2012

Project Life 2012 update ...

 Lots of weeks to share in this post from Week 17 to Week 23.

I have been slowly adding my journaling and filling in the gaps over the past few weeks of my Project Life 2012.

Hopefully I will be able to stay ontop of it and only have the last few weeks of December to do going into 2013 (well that's the plan!)  
My photos arn't the greatest but here are a few more weeks from the first half of the year!
 Week 17 - Anzac Day fell in this period.
 Watching the prade in Cooroy - love going to the smaller towns to watch them march and Anthony loves looking at all the old cars!!

My Step Dad Alf and Anthony's Dad marching...

Week 18
 First full week at home since closing my store...feeling a bit lost and spend most of the time working on my new Website...
Week 19
 Week 20
 Mother's Day fell in this week and we spent the day with both my Mum and Anthony's at Southbank in Brisbane.

Week 21

Week 22

Week 23

Thanks...Jules x

December Daily 2012

So for years now I have seen December Daily's done by Ali Edwards  and thought it is a fantastic project but never gotten around to doing one plus when you don't have children, you think it will be hard to fill in the pages and gaps with non related children photo's!

But anyway, this year I have decided to give it a go!

For the past few months I have been stalking and researching past December Daily ideas from blogs and Pinterest - December Daily (my board), there is so much out there from so many talented crafters!

So armed with all this information and ideas, I have been buying up big (lol) of anything Christmas that I think will be suitable to add to my DD album.

I have decided to go with the new Sn@p Binder from Simple Stories and also I will be using the Handmade Holidays papers and products from Simple Stories.

With December well and truely under way I thought I would share some of my December Daily with you.

The cover of my Album

Who remembers these 3D Stickers from Jolee's Boutique?? I found a few Christmas ones among my stash that I have be saving for years and finally I have a use for some of them!
Love how my album cover turned out!
I have used lots of different embelishments and products from lots of Etsy Stores, here are a few of my favourites at the moment!
Thanks...Jules xx

Monday, November 26, 2012

Project Life: Weeks 12 - 16

So, it's been over a month since I last added a post, gee time really does seem to get away from you, especially at this time of the year!
We've had a few busy weeks recently, we had family visiting from Melbourne and I recently returned to work - even though I am only doing 4 days on and 4 days off, there seems that there is something always to do!!
Anyway, I have been plodding along trying to get up to date with my Project Life, and honestly I'm not doing too bad, sure I have a few gaps here and there but photos are nearly up to date.
Here are my Weeks 12 - 16
Terrible weather here on the Sunshine Coast with some bizarre major flash flooding around the Coast, including Sixth Avenue, where my little shop used to be! (Scary Stuff!)

These photos on the right hand side are at my back door into the shop, it was scary watching the water creeping closer and closer. Lucky for me the rain eventually started to ease and never quite made it through the door!!

 The view from the front door of my shop onto Sixth Avenue Maroochydore.
The photos on the left hand side of this layout are from the internet of some of the other flooding around the Coast.

Week 13.
My Birthday on the 26th March - lots of presents and flowers and out to dinner with friends.

Week 14 - Easter
Good Friday was spent down the Gold Coast and then home for the rest of the long weekend!
Lots of yummy, naughty food!

Week 15
Week 16 
 Last week of Trading as a Retail Shop...
 very busy with closing down, final classes and then packing it all up and moving it home!
 Getting it all out was the easy bit, find room at home is a whole new story!
Thanks Jules xx

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Project Life : Week Seven - Week Eleven

Back again to share another lot of Project Life Updates from the beginning of the year!
I'm slowly getting through the weeks!
Like I said last week, all the photos are up to date, just filling in the gaps!
So this week I have Weeks 7 through to Weeks 11 completed!
 Week 7
 Lots of photos during this week as we went to a Wedding on the weekend, so I have included heaps of photos from that (and a beautiful wedding it was!)
 Week 8
A very eventful week this was - Anthony broke his wrist when he sell through the ceiling at work! Ouch, but what was the CFO doing in the roof!!!???
 Week 9
Another busy week with lots of photos - Anthony had a lunch on board the Queen Elizabeth in Brisbane!
They were shown around the boat and were able to take some photos, not the greatest, but the best he could do as he was doing it one handed!!
 He even managed to keep me his ticket and the Menu and he also got me a brochure!
(got him well trained!) ha ha
Week 10
Week 11
I'll be back agin next week (hopfully) to share some more weeks!
Thanks... Jules x

Thursday, October 18, 2012

New Project Life Storage Stand...

 I hope you're having a great week!
Just wanted to show you some photos of my new Storage Stand that I got made by Colcraft to house all my Project Life bits and pieces in.
Originally it was designed by Jane (a lady on the Project Life Australia Group) but her original design is twice the size.
She designed it so that it can fit 12x12 papers and products in the back section and other goodies suitable for Project Life in the other sections. Plus draws for storage! 
I do love the large one but not really sure if I have the room for it!
When I ordered mine, I asked if I could have one half the size and this is what he made for me!
A view from the top, so you can see the depth inside of the sections.

I need to add a handle onto the draw but I wanted to use one that matched the rest of the furniture in my craft room.
Side view 
My new storage stand all nice and full with all my Project Life goodies, all within arms length!
I have put all my alphabet and stickers in the back section.
 6x4 Cards are in the middle section and
3x4 cards are in the front!
I have put my stamps that I use for Project Life into the little draw so I don't have to go searching for them now.
As you can see it fits perectly on my shelf and I love that it matches the rest of my white furniture in my craft room (see earlier post of Craft Room)


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