Thursday, October 18, 2012

New Project Life Storage Stand...

 I hope you're having a great week!
Just wanted to show you some photos of my new Storage Stand that I got made by Colcraft to house all my Project Life bits and pieces in.
Originally it was designed by Jane (a lady on the Project Life Australia Group) but her original design is twice the size.
She designed it so that it can fit 12x12 papers and products in the back section and other goodies suitable for Project Life in the other sections. Plus draws for storage! 
I do love the large one but not really sure if I have the room for it!
When I ordered mine, I asked if I could have one half the size and this is what he made for me!
A view from the top, so you can see the depth inside of the sections.

I need to add a handle onto the draw but I wanted to use one that matched the rest of the furniture in my craft room.
Side view 
My new storage stand all nice and full with all my Project Life goodies, all within arms length!
I have put all my alphabet and stickers in the back section.
 6x4 Cards are in the middle section and
3x4 cards are in the front!
I have put my stamps that I use for Project Life into the little draw so I don't have to go searching for them now.
As you can see it fits perectly on my shelf and I love that it matches the rest of my white furniture in my craft room (see earlier post of Craft Room)

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