Sunday, October 21, 2012

Project Life : Week Seven - Week Eleven

Back again to share another lot of Project Life Updates from the beginning of the year!
I'm slowly getting through the weeks!
Like I said last week, all the photos are up to date, just filling in the gaps!
So this week I have Weeks 7 through to Weeks 11 completed!
 Week 7
 Lots of photos during this week as we went to a Wedding on the weekend, so I have included heaps of photos from that (and a beautiful wedding it was!)
 Week 8
A very eventful week this was - Anthony broke his wrist when he sell through the ceiling at work! Ouch, but what was the CFO doing in the roof!!!???
 Week 9
Another busy week with lots of photos - Anthony had a lunch on board the Queen Elizabeth in Brisbane!
They were shown around the boat and were able to take some photos, not the greatest, but the best he could do as he was doing it one handed!!
 He even managed to keep me his ticket and the Menu and he also got me a brochure!
(got him well trained!) ha ha
Week 10
Week 11
I'll be back agin next week (hopfully) to share some more weeks!
Thanks... Jules x

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