Saturday, February 14, 2009


Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day.
I hope you all had a lovely day spent with loved ones or that special someone.
Look at my beautiful bunch of flowers that Anthony gave to me today. I just love bright colourful bunches of flowers, with lots of variety.

Have a great day...

Also look at the beautiful handmade card Anthony made for me!! (I made the base/style of the card the other day and it was left on my craft table, and I was going to get back to finish it in a few days time, but someone else got in first!!)
I admit he did pretty well, he did choose the stamp set himself and the ink. (I'm actually impressed he got the ink pad open, some of my customers have trouble opening these).
This is not the first handmade card he has done for me!!

Enjoy the rest of your day...

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