Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Favourite Photos From Makita Trip 2009

Recently, Anthony and I went on a holiday overseas. We flew into Singapore and then we went on a cruise. The cruise we were on was Star Cruises - Virgo Star! We did day trips in Singapore, Penang, Phuket and Kuala Lumpa, and then back to Singapore.
We had a great time and met some very lovely people.
Between the both of us, we took over 2500 photo's, (not bad for a weeks effort!!) below I have included a few favourites from our trip, so I think I will be very busy scrapbooking over the next few months!! It's been ages since I have done any scrapbooking, due to making cards, so I really need to come up with a fairly simple album layout and design so I am able to pump through the photos!!(not that I am going to scrap all 2500!) I was thinking of doing seperate albums for the different places that we visited, eg: Singapore Album, Penang Album, etc.

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Angela said...

How surprising sister - I have the same bag & country road shirt as you in that picture. Like your shoes too, where did you get them from?

Angela said...
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