Sunday, September 19, 2010

Digital Images

A while ago my sister Angela and I got some digital images from Mo's Digital Pencil Shop
I have coloured and posted a few here a while ago but I finally got around to down loading some photo's from my phone and these where a few newer ones I did but have not posted. All these cards are for sale in store and some have already sold.

All images have been printed onto X Press It Copic Cardstock and coloured in with Copic Markers. I think I've mentioned before, I like the whole Digital Image side of things but I think in the end I just love my rubber and arylic stamps more!

I'm hopeless in being organized lately and sometimes I don't know what I want to stamp and colour in! So with the Digital Images I find I need to be more organised and have them already printed and as I don't have a printer at the shop when I'm making my cards, I tend to forget all about the digital images sitting at home on the computer!
Anyway I still love colouring them when I do have them printed, so below are a few that I have made. The first two images are a huge favourite!


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