Sunday, February 13, 2011

Craft Room Clean Up

So with having such a busy week in moving and cleaning mode we thought why stop at the shop!!
We have been saying for ages that we need to move a few things around at home but with me working 6 days it just hasn't happened!

So while I was having a lovely relaxing Sunday at home (first one in many, many months) this morning Anthony suggested that we do the move (I don't think he expected it to take as long as it did!!)

Since I have my own room Anthony wanted his own also.
We moved the main computer and larger desk into my craft room and then we are turing the study into Anthony's man cave!
I got a beautiful timber desk made for him last Christmas and this has been in the lounge room as he does a lot of work at home at night!
We moved this into the study and eventually he's getting a tv to go in there also. So now that we are all sorted we will probably never see each other!!

I took some before and after photos of my Craft room. Some of the lighting in the first few was really off, but you get the general idea! Hopefully with this room sorted now, maybe I will be inspired to actaully do some scrapbooking at home!!

I still have a few things to sort out but at least now I might come in here more often than I have over the past 12 months.


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