Thursday, January 20, 2011

My challenge should I accept....

A few weeks ago, one of my regular customers who I have made quite a few projects for her daughter's kindergarten class over the past year came in and asked me to make some Birthday Invitations for her daughter Lauren who's turning 4.

When I asked what she had in mind!! she said that she had asked Lauren earlier and her response was.... had to have trianlges...favourite colour is green...and it must have a Seal on it !!

Right!! .. a Seal???

Story behind the Seal is that for her birthday she is getting a very special kiss on the cheek from a Seal at Under Water World (I think), so it all made sense!! Kinda!

So I told her to leave it with me and let me see if I can come up with anything..
so below is what I made using all the things Lauren requested.

A Birthday Invitation with a Green Trianagle with a Seal on it! simple!

The Seal came from October Afternoon's Seaside Collection Stamp Set which I happened to have on the shef!! Lucky!! the ball idea I came up with.
The 3rd panel (which I didn't take a photo) is where they will write on the details of the party.

When they came in to see the sample, Lauren was really impressed! Let's hope the other 25 kids like them also!


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Sharon said...

Hi Julie,

These are so cute! Love the 3D idea for the invite.

Sharon x


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