Sunday, January 09, 2011

Project Life...

Most people who know me know that I started my creative journey as a Scrapbooker. But over the years cardmaking has certainly taken up more of my time then Scrapbooking. I still love taking photos and I keep telling myself that I will get around to finishing some albums but there just never seems to be enough time or hours in a week do this.

I started with Creative Memories and was even a consultant, but soon realised that there was a whole other world out there to do with Scrapbooking, and much bigger than Creative Memories.
One of my favourite Scrapbookers was and still is Becky Higgins. I used to order magazines and books from America if Becky was published in them and I also had her Creative Fonts that she deisgned. Over the years I have still followed Becky and loved her regular articles in Creating Keepsakes Magazines, and more recently started following her blog.
Last year she released a Scrapbooking Project Kit called Project Life. I really thought long and hard about getting this and thought this would get me back into scrapbooking and maybe get some of my thousands of photos off the computer, but when I opened Creations in Paper, unfortunately this project got pushed to the back of my mind!!

Anyway, on New Years Eve when I was home sick and laying on the couch blog surfing, I thought I'd check in and see what Miss Becky Higgins was up to and her Project Life Project Kit came up again.

Scrapbooking has certainly changed over the years and I would still love to be able to get in and finish albums but for me what I think has caught my eye with this is the simplicity of the whole idea and it is a start for me to get back into Scrapbooking.
I followed the link to the Supplier of Project Life for Australia/New Zealand and I have ordered my Kit. I know the year has already started but I am waiting paitently for my kit to arrive so I can make a start.

So what is Project Life?Project Life simplifies how you document life and preserve memories. Simply pair your photos and journaling with the striking, pre-designed components from the kit and you'll end up with a stylish masterpiece that represents your life or whatever occasion you choose to record. With Project Life's beautifully simple, all-inclusive format, deciding what supplies to use will become obsolete, leaving you more time to experience life.

There are 2 Kits to Choose from:

I have order the Turquoise Kit. I will be back when my kit arrives to show you more... Jules


Sharon said...

Hi Jules,

They look really good - can't wait to see what you come up with! You may even inspire me to get into my HUGE backlog of photos :)


Julie said...

Can't wait for it to arrive! I'm so far behind in scrapbooking, I've got 2 overseas trips to scrap plus way too many other photos from a few Christmas's and holidays!! It's a starting point!

Kim Tonnet said...

Good on you Jules. Your story could be mine excepting becoming a CM consultant (was a good customer) and oh, yes, I haven't opened a shop (yet). I love Becky Higgins too. Look forward to seeing the new kit and what you do with it. Luv KimT


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