Sunday, January 15, 2012

Girls with Attitude...

During the week I finally got around to making some cards. The images I used on these are from Kenny K downloads ( the 3 I have used are Brooklyn Babe, All That and Troublemaker. There are heaps of images to choose from, go and check them out. These are Digi Images but I have seen that you can now get some of them in rubber.

I have always been a fan of these images, I love the attutide of these girls and they are so suited to teenage girls (they certainly remind me of a few that I know!) but if you're looking for something different they certainly have that too!

As usual they are all coloured with Copic Markers (I coloured these ages ago but never made them into cards)on XPress It Copic Cardstock.

The design and style on all 3 cards below are really simple. I used a assortment of pattern papers from my stash of 6x6 paper pads that is growing all the time as there are so many beautiful papers around and I love the 6x6 size which is so handy and in perfect poportion for making cards and the fact that you get the whole range and it all matches.

Clearly I am a fan of "dot paper" but again I think this is because of the 6x6 paper pads and the size they are in these.
Sometimes I wish the 12x12 papers would be made with the images the size that they are on a 6x6 (sometimes you want more then the 2 pages and not want to have to buy another pad)

Anyway, below are my 3 cards that I made, simple designs, but nice and bright!

Thanks...Jules x

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