Sunday, January 15, 2012

Project Life 2012

My Project Life 2012 finally arrived!

I had been waiting paitently for it but when it didn't arrive just after Christmas I emailed them asking if they could give me an update but then only to find out that it hadn't even been shipped yet and that my order must have been misplaced as orders either side had already been shipped and received! Anyway, I got an email to say it would be shipped straight away and anyway, it arrived here last week..finally!

For my 2012 Project Life I decided to just order the Core Kit, Page Protectors and a pack of the 12x12 Pattern Paper in the Clementine Collection.
Although I loved the album from last years kit, I found that because I added extra sections to it and sometimes more photos than just a weeks worth, it is quite full and kind of overflowing and to spread it out I would have had to get another album the same and I didn't want to do that. So with that in mind, I have decided to just used 2 black albums that I had at the shop and this way I can spread out the year over the 2 albums if needed.

I ordered a pack of 60 Mixed Page Protectors so instead of having the same layout through out the whole album like last year, it will mix it up and keep it interesting(hopefully)I have already gone and sorted out the layout in my album (but I can always change it) As there were 60 page protectors, 6 designs - 10 of each, I have spread them out throught the entire album and have gone and added my core element cards, etc

This is my title page that I have kind of started but obviously I still need to add photos! (I'm already 3 weeks behind!)

Like last year's Project Life I have decided to go with the weekly set up which I must admit at the time thought it was going to be hard to try and take photos nearly every day, but as I look back at my 2011 Project Life Album (sure some weeks are busier than others and I have a few gaps here and there) but it made me more aware of taking photos and for most of us these days we always have access to a camera, weather it is your iphone, mobile, camera, etc.

So while I had been waiting for my order to arrive I had a bit of a clean up in my craft room and went on the hunt for suitable items that I thought I could use in this years Project Life Album (mostly flat items such as embellishments, rub ons, stickers, etc) I'm sure that if you went looking through your stash you could certainly find stuff to use without having to go and buy more...but there are a few new items I purchased late last year with Project Life in mind.

I have been following Becky's Blog and reading all the updates and seeing all the different styles that people are doing this year. Also this year there is a Creative Design team so you can go and see what wach of them are doing with their Project Life Albums to keep you motivated.

So, I am organised to start Project Life 2012... I can now start adding my photos (just have to get them printed) and journalling. I have a diary that I have already starting jotting down daily events so I don't forget events and happenings.

Thanks...Jules x

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Rachel Witthaus said...

I am excited to find your blog. I love Becky Higgins and Ali Edwards and just when I decided that I would like to start this project (for 2012+) the supplier in NZ has a wait time until May for the core kits so I think I will just order the photo pockets/protectors and make my own bits to put in it. I look forward to seeing what you do this year.


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