Monday, September 17, 2012

Project Life Storage and Organisation

 One of the topics that we got talking about a few weeks ago on this new FB Group I am apart of to do with Project Life was how do you store your products for Project Life?
I must admit that I did have all my Project Life stuff seperate but it was in the cupboard in a few 12x12 Magazine Holders, so not out where I was reminded to actually do and use it!
All the black holders are all my Project Life stuff, along with my Albums for 2012
 (I have a spare album ready to go incase the first one gets as full as 2011)
Anyway, there were heaps of ideas that people were showing what they used to store or stash their PL stuff in and of course where they got them from here in Australia.
My biggest storage inspitation comes from Michelle Wooderson, she just has the coolest ideas and I love her style in both Card Making and Project Life!
(I so want to be like her when I grow up!)
Anyway, here is the rest of my storage and organisation for my Project Life (at the moment) to keep me motivated for the rest of 2012!
This cute little draw below is from TYPO, they also came in a pink, but I loved the natural look, but this was the last one in stock, it is just the perfect size for the 3x4 cards to sit in.
I've had this set of drawers for a few years now and I have always stored bits and pieces in it, but I cleaned it out the other day and I have moved all my smaller embellishements and things for PL into it so it is all in the one place now, plus it is easy to pull out the drawers and take them to my desk.

There are still a few things that I really want but cannot seem to find at the moment, but will certainly be keeping an eye out for them or something similar!
So, how do you store your Project Life stuff?
thanks...Jules x

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