Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Project Life

How are we on this beautiful Spring day?

If you have been a follower of my blog for a while now then you would have heard me mention Project Life by Becky Higgins a few times.

I first mentioned Project Life back in January 2011 and although I didn't do a regular update on my blog through out the time I was quietly working on this in the back ground with everything else going on in life!
this is the Turquoise Edition that I started with in 2011.
I eventually finished my 2011 Album and (although there are a few journalling gaps here and there)  anyone who knew me back when I did scrapbooking knows that I was a shocker when it came to journalling - all it needs is a title and a date right! I think my pictures tell the story!

 My completed album - very full and overflowing...
I did my Project Life as a Weekly update. It's that full that it doesn't close properly!
 Just a few random pages here and there from throughout 2011
We went to Top Gear Live (which was Anthony's Birthday Present)
 Had a holiday in Fiji (so there were heaps of photos in this week)
 My brother's Lego Collection
 Friday Night Footy - Go the Broncos!

 And of course..Christmas
So one completed album for 2011 - photos and journalling.

So with 2011 finished, I was certainly inspired to do another Project Life Album in 2012, so I did my pre order for this again through Craft House in New Zealand they are the stockist for Australia and New Zealand.

This year there were heaps more Collections to choose from, but I ended up going with the Clementine Edition. I only ordered the Core Kit and a Pack of Mixed Page Protectors as I thought I would use my own 12x12 Albums that I already had here at home and I knew I had 2 in the same colour so if I needed to go over into the next album, then this wasn't going to cost me more $ and then I didn't need to wait.

The Clementine Edition
 While I was waiting for my Project Life Kit to arrive I started going through and making a collection of suitable products that I could use in my album this year. Sad to say that most of this stuff I already had here at home.
I did find this really cool USA site called Elle's Studio and they had some products that are so suited to Project Life.
 So my Clementine Edition eventually arrived at the beginning of January.
So, very happy to make a start on Project Life 2012....
Thanks...Jules x

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