Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How do you store your stamps??

I have been a stamper for many years now and with most companies changing from Wood Mounted Stamps to Acrylic or Rubber stamps, it means that the cost have come down, which means you can buy twice as many stamps now, right???

All my other stamps are stored in folders per company and then onto sheets of acertate and then in thicker sleeves. I also stamp a copy of the image onto paper in ink so you can see clearly what the image looks like! I have been storing my stamps this way for about a year now, as it is so much easlier to see what I have when I am searching for the right image to use on a card or project!

With my Project Life Album, I still love to use stamps throughout but have noticed that I seem to be buying more word and quote style of stamps.
So with that being said, with my ever growing acrylic stamp collection of late, I have been getting frustrated with not remembering which stamps I already owned as I was trying to keep them in the original packaging and with my Project Life products.
Long story short, why not store these word stamps like my images???

 My new Ali Edwards Stamps by Technique Tuesday

Now they are all in a nice folder altogether!
I can just grab out my folder and flick through until I find the stamp I am looking for, ink up, stamp, clean and put back in the same spot! Easy peazy!

Great minds must think alike as Kellie from Give A Girl A Blog has a post over on her blog today about the same topic!!
Well it is pouring rain here AGAIN on the Sunshine Coast and not great weather to to anything except stay inside and watch tv/dvd's or craft...
I'm hoping to get caught up on my Project Life for 2013... lets hope that happens!
Hopefully I will be back later with some of my January and February 2013 Project Life!
Thanks... Jules x

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