Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Project Life 2013

 Well I have finally started my Project Life 2013!

 To be honest I have been slowly added photos here and there and trying to get up to date but needed to go back and fill the gaps with journalling and embellishments.

The hardest thing I have found to do was the title page..
I really struggled with this as most people have a Family name that they can add but we aren't married so we have two names and I didn't want to have them on there.

A few weeks ago I cam accross Michelle Wooderson's Project Life Cover Page and I loved what she did - very clean and simple! I loved how she just added their names, age and a bit about them!

Title Page for 2013!

Week One:

Busy week here for us, just back from holidays and not due back to work for another few days so trying to fit as much in a possible!


My older sister went overseas for holidays so I asked her to send me some Post Cards from the different places they went. 
The Post Cards arrived after they got home but still nice to receive these in the mail and add to my album!

I still have a photo to add on this week as the one I had originally printed I gave away, so I need to reprint this and add (hence the blank green gap)

Week Two
Back to work and back to reality this week!
Busy weekend with lots going on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


Week Three 
lots of small things happening!

If it ever stops raining, then I will be able to photograph a few more weeks! 
Slowly bet surely I am getting caught up!

Thanks ... Jules x

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